57 Liberians Off To China For Advanced Training


57 Liberians from three different sectors of the Liberian government have left for China to attend a short-term training and learn advanced work skills with management experience  to enhance their level of service at their various places of work under the Liberia-China Win-Win Cooperation; Cynthia Quinisier reports. 

   Speaking at their pre-departure reception at the Boulevard Palace Hotel in Monrovia over the weekend, the Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy near Monrovia, H.E Xu Kun, characterized the event as a concrete manifestation of China-Liberia friendship and vivid actions of China’s sincere assistance to the economic and social development of Liberia. 

The Chinese Charge d’Affaires announced three future cooperation programs for Liberia: the refurbishment and Expansion project of state own radio Liberia Broadcasting Service (LBS), refurbishing a designated school near Monrovia and donating a solar E-classroom and the donation of 600 bags of rice with 600 cans of powder milk to the student community through the Ministry of Education. 

   China-Aid Refurbishment and Expansion project of LBS in May includes the construction of a new production and broadcasting building of LBS, a LBS broadcast production system, an outdoor broadcast vehicle and a satellite transmission system, and the maintenance and upgrading of the transmitter room, antenna feeder and iron tower in Monrovia. The total amount of the project is over US$5 million.

   “We will refurbish a designated school near Monrovia and donate a solar E-classroom, giving students the opportunity to receive information technology education and more convenient access to outside information,” Charge d’Affaires Kun stated.

   “The Ministry of Education of Liberia, we will donate nutrition packages to Liberian students, including 600 bags of rice and 600 cans of milk powder,” he maintained.

   “The donation signing ceremony will be held tonight, and you are about to witness this moment,” the Chinese Charge d’Affairs, H.E Xu Kun, unveiled to the gathering.

   For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E Dee-Maxwell Kemayah pointed out that the bilateral and multilateral human resource capacity programs  from the People Republic of China training section will add value to the government and the people of Liberia. 

   “We have 25 security personnel from the Liberia National Police, 25 Young diplomats and seven medical practitioners from the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital to benefit from this training.”

   At the same time, Education Minister, Prof. Ansu Sonii, encouraged them to take the opportunity seriously and their actions will fully represent the country.

   He said, “Liberia will be flown out there in a positive way, and you must maintain the integrity of the country at your places of work and in your own family.

   Making remarks, the Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue disclosed that China has assisted Liberia in many ways. He said during the time of the June 7 protest the Chinese government provided them with lots of help.

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