ABIC Dialogues With Political Parties’ Women On Safeguarding The Peace


Women in political parties have been encouraged to uphold the peace, particularly during election periods, to ensure that the country is peaceful and stable.

   The patriotic plea was made on Thursday, August 16, 2022 by the Eminent Women of the Women Situation Room (WSR) at a one-day dialogue and networking session with women in politics, organized by the Angie Brooks International Centre.

   The initiative is under the project, “Sustainable and Inclusive Peace in Liberia through Promoting Women Leadership and Participation in civic and Political Life and their Strengthened role in Conflict Resolution”.

   It is a flagship program of the ‘’Women Situation Room (WSR)”, initiated by the Angie Brooks International Centre for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security, in partnership with ZOA-Liberia with support from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.

   The political parties’ women included women congress and youth leaders from the Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT), Liberia Transformation Party (LTP), National Patriotic Party (NPP), All Liberians Coalition Party (ALCOP), Vision for Change, amongst others.

   The program, which was held in the Cecil Dennis Auditorium, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brought together over 80 participants, including women from CSOs.

   The women made it known that it is essential for the women of the various political parties to be steadfast and get involved in initiatives geared towards substantiating and safeguarding the country’s peace and democracy.

   According to the participating women, protection of the peace of the country during the general and presidential elections is important, and urged their colleagues to get involved in spreading the message of peace to the communities. They believe that democratization of the nation is the way forward, instead of violence.

   Speaking further, in separate remarks they vowed to create awareness among the youth within their respective communities, as well as political parties and their families on the impact and benefits of upholding the peace of Liberia.

   “Women, let us support our fellow women. Do not leave them because they do not have money to give you. Let’s stand together and give one another the needed support,” said Bendu Kromah, Chairlady of the Coalition for All Liberian Party.

   Furthermore, they expressed gratitude to the Angie Brooks International Centre for the initiative, and termed it as eye-opening to them, while indicating that family plays a critical role in mitigating violence in the country.

   Speaking, the Establishment Coordinator of the Angie Brooks International Centre, Cllr. Yvette Chesson-Wureh, said the impact of the engagement will go a long way on how women can politically strategize and place themselves in leadership positions in their various political parties.

   “Know your power base, women, because you also control the youth. We need women in leadership. Know your party platform; it helps you to know your lack of authority.

   “Take that scary part of you and put it behind you. You may not be educated, but you have common sense. Women, take your proper place and do what you are suppose to do for your country,” Cllr. Wureh told the gathering.

   She expressed the optimism that if women take on the top leadership positions of political parties their male counterparts will lack the ability to keep them down.  “Women, do not allow yourselves to be restricted to only  women wing and chairlady posts,” she admonished.

   Dr. Chesson-Wureh was followed by the former Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Cllr. Frances Johnson-Allison, who pointed out that electing people in political positions such as president, vice president, senator and representative is to protect the interest of the people and provide an enabling environment for the citizenry to live decent lives.

   The former Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC) called on the women of Liberia to make the right decision during the 2023 general and presidential elections.  

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