“Amos & Sons” Donates Modern Generator to Chocolate City Health Center


Amos K. Ndawuyah, commonly known as Amos & Sons, a representative-aspirant of Montserrado County’s district #13 in the up-coming 2023 general elections, has donated a brand new gasoline generator to the Chocolate City Health Center (CCHC), Gardnersville.

   Presenting the generator to the health Center, Team Amos, an organization promoting the candidature of Amos K. Ndawuyah and headed by William Mason, said upon his office receiving the request for assistance from CCHC for a generator due to the instability of electricity, his boss, Ndawuyah, responded immediately. He however apologized for the absence of “Amos and Sons” during the donation due to what he termed as his “tight schedule”.

   William Mason applauded the administration of the health center for the remarkable job that they are offering the residents of the district, noting that the organization has heard of their numerous needs, pertaining to the running of the center.

   Responding, Daniel D. Gmah, the Acting Administrator of CCHC, thanked the donor, “Amos & Sons”, for his timely gesture. He noted that the clinic made constant follow-ups on their request.

   Gmah then used the occasion to reveal that they have numerous challenges and will be frequently knocking on the office doors of Ndawuyah, but promised to use the generator properly for its intended purpose.

   According to him, LEC has not distributed power to them, but on the other hand the clinic’s administration refused to tap on illegal current.

   In another development, students of the Freeway Baptist High School in Gardnerville paid a courtesy call on “Amos & Sons” after the completion of their WASSCE exams.

   The Chairman of Team Amos, William Mason, frowned at the incumbent Representative of the district, Edward Flomo, whom he said cannot show any tangible in the district, but is only known for distributing cash.

   According to him, it is not descent for someone to come to the citizens and then in turn run away after election. He then broke the ice by announcing that the residents of Iron factory are planning to petition Amos K. Ndawuyah to run for the representative seat of the district come the 2023 general and presidential elections;

   Moreover, the Representative aspirant, Amos K. Ndawuyah, recently visited the Edwin Bryant School, adjacent the Access Bank, located on the Japan Freeway, Gardnersville, when he encouraged the students to continue their profession relative to their natural talents, such as partaking in beauty pageants, modeling, etc., in addition to their extracurricular activities.

   He then reminded the students of July 2, 2022 planned petition program by the residents of Iron Factory for his representative candidacy.

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