ArcelorMittal & CBO Collaborate to Give Yekepa Facelift


As part of its community outreach activities, ArcelorMittal Liberia has continued its collaboration with a local community-based organization to help keep Yekepa Township clean and green.

   AML in October 2021 signed a contract with Elite Agro, and the local group has since ensured it keeps low and beautiful grass in the township of Yekepa.

   The group was awarded a one-year contract to cut and help manage the Yekepa wild vegetation, which had overgrown around the township at that time.

   Elite and Estates worked closely to implement the terms of the agreement, helping to keep Yekepa clean and green.

   Impressed by the general outlook of the township, Ramses Kumbuyah, ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Estates Manager in Yekepa, at the site of a recent clean-up said he was grateful to management for the support and the provision of short-term job opportunities for the grass-cutters.

   Kumbuyah said while there is still room for further improvement, the onboarding of Elite Agro team has gone a long way in improving ground tidiness and keeping the grass at some acceptable level.

   In addition to helping to keep Yekepa clean and controlling the overgrowth of wild vegetation, ArcelorMittal began with 25 young people from the community who were eager to earn some extra income.

   Over time, the number of contractors increased to 81 persons, hired from communities around Yekepa.

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