Aspirant Gould Frowns On Lawmakers For Accepting US$30K


Montserrado County’s electoral district #11 Representative-Aspirant, Lafayette Gould, has frowned on members of the 54th National Legislature for accepting huge sums of money from the government in the name of immunity.

   Aspirant Gould said accepting an expensive government vehicle and US$30,000 annually for “legislative engagement” while the rest of the people are facing hardship contravenes the norms of society.

   Speaking to the Hot Pepper during a tour of district #11 recently, the legal practitioner said there is no need for such a fabulous amount of money to be given to lawmakers for representing their own people; instead, lawmakers should wave the money back to government coffers as a goodwill gesture to the country and its people.

   Aspirant Gould disclosed that, if elected representative of the district he will not rely on government to buy his car or to provide gasoline for him, as is the case with the current legislators, but vowed to use his pocket to underwrite the cost.

  “I will ensure that my driver, the cook and yard boy are paid directly from the salary I earn as a representative of the people, but I will not to rely on taxpayers’ money for survival,” aspirant Gould stated.

   The learned counsellor indicated that, if elected he will also work along with colleagues of goodwill to ensure that immunities are cut for lawmakers.

   On the issues of his popularity to win district’s representative seat in his second attempt, the aspirant said he stands a better chance to win the election after the incumbent representative has failed the people.

   Aspirant Gould, who continues to work with the people despite his defeat in the past election, disclosed that he is currently helping the people to reconstruct the roads in the district, and providing assistance to the vulnerable people.

 The Alternative National Congress (ANC) stalwart emphasized that the party has since endorsed him as its sole candidate in district #11 for the 2023 general and presidential election.

   Cllr. Lafayette Gould, an outstanding legal practitioner, appears to be in a good standing for district #11 election, but until the votes are cast no one knows exactly who will win the contest.

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