Bad Omen For Independence Day Celebration–As SUP Announces “Fix the Country” Protest On July 26


The vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) has announced what it described as “Fix the Country” rally campaign, to be held on July 26, 2022 (Independence Day), and rallies support for a nationwide protest against the “CDC-Weah despotism over economic failure, massive corruption, bad governance, and state collapse”. The revelation was contained in a press conference held on the University of Liberia’s main campus on July 18, 2022.

   SUP emphasized that independence celebration is meaningless in the face of extreme hardship, despicable suffering and sordid social decadence.

   SUP Chairman, Mustapha N. Kanneh, said in a society where the average citizen finds it difficult to afford daily meal, independence celebration is absurd and meaningless in Liberia, especially when the people cannot afford to even keep their children in school because there are no job opportunities.

   According to him, the Liberian people are dying of curable sicknesses, and hospitals are shut down due to poor support in the country. He said the independence celebration is not necessary this year because of the hardship in Liberia.

   Kanneh said everything is in disarray, pushing the nation into collapse; as such, independence celebration is feckless, unproductive and barren.

   The Student Unification Party called on its militants, stalwarts, ideologues and cadres to begin massive mobilization from community to community, streets, forums and market places to rally the people.

   Speaking to a team of journalists at the press conference, SUP Chairman called on Liberians and progressive forces from all walks of the society to boycott this year’s independence celebration and “join us to protest in demonstrating our displeasure with the failure of this regime”.

   He further said the protest will take place in all shades of the country. “SUP says enough is enough, we are tired of the mendacity and fraud of this regime,” Chairman Kanneh stated.

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