Big Boost For Rep. Kargon; As Weah Makes First Presidential Appearance In Gbor-Paye


The appearance of President George M. Weah in Nimba County’s district #4 by invitation of Representative Kargon has sparked a big boost for his re-election come 2023.

   Representative Gunpue L. Kargon, famously known as “Dubai King” in his district, has become an icon of development as he continues to play major role in the development of the district.

   According to report, Representative Kargon smartly used the opportunity of the just-ended cabinet meeting in Nimba to invite President Weah to his district, making a historical move to bring a sitting president in Gbor-Paye, a town located in Nimba County’s district #4 where it is believed that no President of Liberia has ever visited.

   Rep. Kargon has organized a strong women force, known as the “Responsible Women”, comprising of over 6,000 women whose sole intend is to champion the development of the district and seek the welfare of each other.

   Few months ago, Representative Kargon invited the Minister of State for Presidential affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill, who pledged L$5 million toward the development of the district and, at the same time, pay the WASSCE fees for all 12 graders in recent time.

   During the trip to Gbor-Payee, a high-ranking Nimbaian told the Hot Pepper that Representative Kargon’s continued political maneuvering is creating fear for the opposition community.

   A notable town chief, who preferred not to be named, said with the presidential appearance history made by Representative Kargon, he sees no space for opposition come 2022.    Also, Senator Jeremiah Kpahn Koung, who spoke during the visitation of the President in the district, recommended the construction of a bridge that is causing embarrassment for the movement of the people of the district. 

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