“Big Brabee” Show Comes To Liberia Through Tamma TV

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It has been revealed by the management of Tamma Television Network that everything is set for the institution to make the television system more innovative by promoting what is referred to as “Big Brabee” show in Liberia.

   Tamma is said to be bringing the first innovative reality television to Liberia. As the story goes, the idea of bringing the reality television to Liberia has been in the making for the past four years.

   According to information, Tamma Television intends to entertain applications from interested individuals who want to enter “House Dream”, which is expected to last for one month, July.

   The “House Dream” is a television show in which contestants will be eliminated or qualified on a weekly basis until a winner is found. According to Tamma Television authorities, there will be an elimination and qualification process of “house guests” every week until the last day when only two persons will reach the final, with one emerging winner. 

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