Boniface Satu: “No Development Without Road Connectivity”


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Road Fund (NRF) of Liberia, Boniface Satu, has emphasized that without road connection in Liberia no development can be effected.

  Speaking during the Ministry of Information Special Press Briefing on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at the Township of West Point, marking the official launch of the National Outreach Program, Satu said the roads in rural areas in Liberia have been developed through the administration of President George M. Weah

   “If there is no road in the village, the people will not get access to the market,” he stated. “Road connection is important in our country.”

   The head of the National Road Fund disclosed that the Liberian Leader, President Weah, has fulfilled his promises to the people of West Point.

   Satu noted that the road from Clara Town through Logan Town was connected under the administration of President Weah.

   He further said that President Weah always thinks about the welfare of his people, evident by his action of constructing roads in communities he previously lived in.

   Satu mentioned that more roads are on the way for construction under this administration, and the New Georgia road is now under construction.

   He further observed that during past administration the was no road for people to get through New Georgia and Bardnersville Estate.

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