Breaking Ground For Invincible Sports Park: Pres. Weah Matches Words With Deeds

Pres. Weah breaking ground for Invincible Sports Park

The President of the Republic of Liberia, George M. Weah, has urged Liberian youths to use the Invincible Sports Park for training, wellbeing, fitness, inspiration and game development. President Weah made the statement on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 when broke ground for the Invincible Sports Park in Sinkor.

   The groundbreaking ceremony is part of what President Weah terms as his personal contribution to the Liberian society as a payback for what the society has done for him.

   During his State-of-the-Nation Address, President Weah emphatically stated that,in spite of financial constraints, his government is determined to focus attention on various community development schemes that would enhance the living standards of the people.

   “Looking ahead in this coming year and beyond, the focus of my government has always been my people and how I can improve their lives. The only way this can be achieved is by moving closer to the communities and working with them directly to empower them economically, to provide basic social services, and improve their lives in all aspects. This is clearly the focus of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development,” President Weah is quoted as saying in his SONA 2021. 

   He listed a number of projects that have been completed during his administration, including the 89 housing units in Popo Beach, 14th Gobachop Market, renovation of Lango Lippy High School and Kendeja School, Grand Gedeh Housing Project, renovation of EBK military base and the 14th Military Hospital.

   Some of these projects are government-sponsored while some are fully funded by the President himself. However, the Invincible Sports Park is fully funded by President Weah, as he said it is his way of giving back to that community and its residents.

   “We have come to break ground for our Invincible Sports Park, a multipurpose complex that will contain basketball, volleyball, tennis court, playground, gym with adequate sanitation facilities. The public park will be freely accessible and available for anyone who seeks to use it. Ellen Mills Scarborough Junior High School was the school I attended and practiced on this field during my youthful days when I played for IE,” President Weah noted.

   He added that it was on the field he broke his first soccer record when his school team defeated the famous Wells Hairston High School. He continued that he played on the then Old Timer Field, adjacent the former IE practiced ground.

   “For over three decades, Liberian women sat and lied down here under the sun and prayed for Liberia’s peace during the heat of the war. They were successful in their prayers because the Almighty God answered their prayers and, as a result, we are enjoying sustainable peace. Therefore, the sports park will contain a special portion for the women prayer warriors so that they will continue their prayers for Liberia,” President Weah added.

   He further noted that no one thought of constructing a shelter for the prayer women all the thirty years they spent under the sun and dew praying for Liberia, but he has taken the initiative to do so. He said, “I want you to know that I am developing the place as a public sports park as my personal contribution to the inhabitants of this area because this place prepared me to achieve in soccer.”

   According to the President, assessment and consultation were made with the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) before concluding on the project. He pointed out that he wrote the Liberia Civil Aviation for approval of the site and they gave him the permission, with indication that all heights and requirement should be in line with the aviation direction. He affirmed that there will be no building constructed.

   He said further that it does not take much to do so; rather, it takes selflessness, feeling for people, thoughtful care, genuine concern, and so on. He said the construction of the project will last for four months, but if the materials arrive on time it will be less than four months. He continued that the construction of the project starts immediately Wednesday morning, with community members dominating the workforce.

   Meanwhile, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Liberia (LNOC), Mr. Philipbert S. Browne, in remarks, noted that President Weah has demonstrated that he has Liberia at heart, and thanked him for breaking ground for a project which will benefit the current generation and future leaders of the country.

   Mr. Browne said sports fanatics have long wished for such a golden initiative, and finally President Weah has fulfilled their quest, noting that the President once upon a time called him to renovate sporting areas in a number of counties, including Montserrado, Bomi, Nimba, Grand Gedeh and Maryland.

   He disclosed that the President’s initiative is for the Liberian children’s children. “There are competing proprieties with scarce resources, but the President is not deterred; rather, he is constructing modern facilities for Liberian children, which is a plus and a clear manifestation that he has Liberia at heart,” Mr. Browne noted.

   The LNOC President lauded Liberia’s 24th President, saying, Liberian children’s children will now have a recreation area, which will enable them to develop their sports and become useful in the sports world.

   He noted, “Many Liberians know President Weah as a soccer player; however, he is not only a soccer player, he is a basketballer who played up to first division level. Therefore, he is part of the basketball association, which I am a part of.”

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