Cape Mount Women Lead Daba’s Senatorial Campaign; Call on Men to follow suit


Daba Varpilar, the only female in the race for Grand Cape Mount County’s senatorial seat, is becoming a hero overnight as members of her gender community are in high gear to amass support for her victory in the election due October 10.

   A cross-section of women in Cape Mount said they believe that Varpilah’s senatorial victory will enhance their struggle for equality and freedom for all women in the male-dominated county.

  Cape Mount County is allegedly known for denying women the opportunity to excel in politics for fear of violating traditional norms which restrict females from playing leadership roles.

   “We are prevailing on our husbands to see reason and abandon the age-old practice which marginalize woman in society and join the struggle to elect Ma Daba, the first female Senator of Grand Cape Mount County,” an outspoken gender activist told the Hot Pepper in Tienne, one of the county’s populous cities.

   The Activist, Isata Kromah, emphasized that women of Cape Mount County are tired of staying at the back and watching their male counterpart alone dominate every aspect of their county.

   Another female supporter of Ma Daba’s senatorial ambition said Cape Mount women are knocking at every door telling voters to support the only female in the male-dominated electoral process, disclosing that the result of the initiative is encouraging.

   She emphasized that several male opinion leaders and men of goodwill have endorsed Daba Varpilar’s candidacy and are working with the youths and other stakeholders to make the dream of a female senator in Grand Cape Mount County come true.

   A prominent female opinion leader of Grand Cape Mount County confirmed that the county’s male voters are the main force behind the election of Senatorial Aspirant Daba Varpilah, who has suddenly become a political celebrity in the county.

   Jacob Fahnbulleh indicated that well respected religious leaders in Porkpa, Gaura and Gola Konneh districts have all expressed interest in standing by the aspirant in the upcoming general and presidential elections in the country.

  Another Cape Mount County male citizen, identified only as Tuazama, said Aspirant Ma Daba Varpilar is not a stranger in Grand Cape Mount County, but a woman of devotion to the wellbeing of the citizens.

   He maintained that the senatorial aspirant has made huge contributions to Cape Mount in her weak way as a woman, although not in the form of building schools and hospitals: through the provision of empowerment for widows and scholarships to deserving students from Cape Mount residing in and out of the county.

   Daba is married to an influential entrepreneur and devoted loyalist of the Unity Party, Mr. Varpilah. Varpilah has headed several committees in the party and served as a cabinet minister in the Unity Party-led government.

   There are reports that Daba Varpilar will contest Grand Cape Mount County’s senatorial seat on the Unity Party ticket.

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