CEO Kerkula: “We Need Good Roads For Safe Transport Of Wood Products”


The Chief Executive Officer of James M. Kerkula Wood Shop (JMKWS), situated at ELWA, Paynesville, opposite Samuel K. Doe Sport complex, is calling on the Government of Liberia (GoL) to build state-of-the-art roads across the fifteen counties of Liberia.

   According to CEO James M. Kerkula, if this is done the transportation of wood products from the forest and other goods and services would be easily done for the common good of the country’s youthful population.

   Speaking to the Hot Pepper in Monrovia recently, Kerkula said government should invest in Liberian- owned businesses to boost their investments here in order to put them on par with their counterparts in the sub-region. Kerkula noted that Liberians depend on their meager businesses for their survival or source of income.

   According to him, he as a businessman controls a hundred-plus Liberians in his wood shop for them to provide daily meal for their family at the end of every month.

   He is, meanwhile, calling on every Liberian to preach peace. “With peace our business will grow and our children will go to school to be educated in society to meaningfully contribute towards the growth and development of the nation state.” 

   Businessman Kerkula is also calling on the Liberian government to offer Liberian-owned businesses contracts every year in order to keep their businesses running and the economy on sound footing.

   He bragged that in a few years to come his woodwork shop business will be extended across the fifteen (15) counties of Liberia to create employment opportunities for every youth to get access to the job market.

   In a related development, the workers of James M. Kerkula Woodshop have commended their CEO for providing job opportunities for them as they continue to make ends meet.

   The workers are also calling on every businessman and woman of Liberia to emulate Kerkula’s good example by creating employment opportunities for young, promising youths to withstand future challenges.

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