Court Workers Embarrass Chief Justice

Head of Judicial protesters, Archie Ponpon, lying under Chief Justice Korkpor’s car

It was a complete drama last Friday at the Temple of Justice when workers of the Judiciary vented their anger on the Chief Justice, Francis S. Kporkor, for his actions towards them regarding their complaint of salary cut.

   At the initial stage, the aggrieved employees, including their head, Archie Ponpon, were seen with placards, demanding that the cut on their salaries be put back.

   Upon the arrival of Chief Justice Kporkpor on the scene, the aggrieved workers kept calm with their placards still in their hands, apparently awaiting him to inform them about the decision of the Judiciary as it relates to their plight.

   However, the Chief Justice disembarked from his car and did not say anything to the protestors, but only proceeded to his office. Immediately, the aggrieved employees surrounded his car, with some of them lying under it, to prevent it from moving.

   Then came Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe, who chatted with the heads of the protest. Justice Nagbe advised the protesters to take a different trend.

    After the discussion with Associate Justice Nagbe, Ponpon and his collaborators agreed to leave the Chief Justice’s car alone, and move to a different point.

   The chief justice’s driver came back and jumped into his car and left. The dust was calmed and things became normal as usual.

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