Credible Verdict; ITAL Describes Court’s Ruling In Saamoa’s Divorce Case


The Institute for Transparency and Accountability International (ITAL) has described as credible the verdict of the Judge of the Civil Law Court “A”, J. Kennedy Peabody, nullifying an amended motion of Vivian J. Saamoi against her husband demanding US$6,000 of his monthly salary for her support and US$1,500 for their son. 

   On Tuesday, May 30, 2023 ITAL issued a press statement under the signature of its Country Director, Amos B.S. Kanneh, in which he said the verdict truly interprets the intent of the law.

   Kanneh underscored that among the functions of the court is to dispense justice, and lauded Judge Peabody for ably executing his role.

   In 2021 the husband of Vivian Saamoi, Henry F. Saamoi, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the International Bank (IB) Liberia Limited, filed an action of divorce through the Civil Law Court “A” against his wife for incompatibility of temper and cruel and inhumane treatment.

   But in resistance to his action of divorce, Vivian J. Saamoi filed a petition for an Alternative Writ of Certiorari before the Civil Law Court “A” and simultaneously filed a Motion for Alimony Pendente Lite and Support for her and their minor son, Henry F. Saamoi, Jr.

   In her petition, Saamoi requested US$6,000 (six thousand United States dollars) for her alimony, representing about one-third (1/3) of her husband’s monthly income, and also an amount of US$1,500 (one thousand five hundred United States dollars) representing monthly support and upkeep payment for their minor son. 

   However, ITAL has described Vivian Saamoa’s request as unrealistic, terming it a ploy to exploit Henry Saamoa in the wake of the man’s attempt to free himself from her unbecoming attitude, which he considers disrespectful, cruel and inhumane.

   The transparency group wondered why would Vivian Saamoa make such a request when, in fact, the divorce action is as a result of her non-compliance posture in her marital home. The group urged Henry Saamoa to remain strong and law-abiding, as the law is the law, and it will take its course in the matter.

   Director Kanneh expressed disappointment in individuals and groups claiming to be civil society actors who are condemning the court’s verdict, with a caveat that they should quit bringing in their personal and unjustifiable sentiments into the case. According to him, he came across a news article of a group decrying the verdict and describing it a travesty of justice. “It is unfortunate to see such institutions that are supposed to be on the side of the law and protecting the sanctity of the society wanting a court of competent jurisdiction to satisfy their personal feelings. These people should wake up to the fact that it is Mr. Saamoi who is feeling dissatisfied in the marriage, not Vivian, for which he is filing for a divorce,” ITAL Country Director Kanneh stated.

   The Institute for Transparency and Accountability International (ITAL) also rubbished the claim in some corners that Henry Saamoi does not want to settle his former wife, maintaining that, in as much as Vivian Saamoi will be settled, her monthly request of US$6,000 for her monthly upkeep and an additional US$1,500 for their son’s wellbeing is unreasonable, unrealistic and impracticable.

   The group welcomed Judge Peabody’s wisdom in determining that Vivian J. Saamoa is only entitled to US$500 as monthly support from the date of filing the Action of Divorce, contrary to her previous demand of US$6,000 monthly from her husband’s monthly income. The group also hailed the verdict providing US$500 as monthly support for their minor son, which is also in contrast to Vivian’s demand of US$1,500 from her husband.   

   Meanwhile, the group says it is following the case to its logical conclusion, as the final ruling in the Action of Divorce is expected to come up anytime this week.   

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