Diaspora Liberians Endorse Tiawan Gongloe’s Presidential Bid


Several Liberians residing in the United States of America and Canada have declared support for the presidential bid of Human Right Lawyer, Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe.

   The declaration comes days after Cllr. Gongloe accepted a petition from Nimba citizens to vie for the presidency in 2023’s general and presidential elections in the country.

   In separate statements posted on social media and submitted to local journalists in Monrovia, the group said they are convinced that Counselor Gongloe is so far the only contestant with the experience to democratically govern their country amidst the anger and frustration developed by the people over the poor performance of the current regime.

   Their statement pointed that the human rights lawyer who knows the problems facing the nation at his finger tip will use his expertise to resolve them in less than a year following his election.

   The group warned that the nation is currently facing the worst economic and political situation, which required a President with the experience and political will to bring under control.

   One of them, identified as Sam Tuazama, who called the Hot Pepper’s reporter early Monday morning from Minnesota, United States of America, to declare his support for the presidential aspirant, urged Liberians at home to rally support for Gongloe in his attempt to gain control of the state through democratic means.

   Tuazama warned that any attempt to place the country in the hands of inexperience politicians will only make matters worse for a country where people are still living below the poverty line since the end of the war.

   Tuazama also disclosed that support for Tiawan Gongloe is growing steadily among Liberians residing in the United States, most of whom fled the country due to bad governance and irresponsible leadership.

   He emphasized that members of the alliance will arrive in the country early next year to access the situation and work on modalities that will help the counselor win the election with landslide.

   Similar loyalty and support to Gongloe were also voiced out by Liberians in Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe.

   Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe approval rating for the presidency has been growing steadily ever since his fans, under the banner, “Team Gongloe”, began their advocacy to make the aspirant the next President of Liberia.

   The contestant recently accepted a petition from his own Nimba County to take part in the presidential race in 2023. Other petitions are expected from other parts of the country as the process draws nearer.

   The growing support for the aspirant owes much to the struggle he led over the years to protect the citizens from unlawful arrest and abuse of citizens’ rights under the organic laws of the country.

   Gongloe was sent to jail on many occasions by brutal dictators for speaking out against injustices and human right abuses, especially at the height of the civil unrest in the country.

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