“DMX” Speaks Out: “I Fear For My Life!”

Daniel Davies alias DMX

Since the murder attempt on Daniel Davies, alias DMX, at the Shuta Margarita during the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the Hot Pepper has been making frantic effort to meet with the victim to ascertain his condition and have an exclusive interview with him. However, the efforts have yielded little result as DMX, via a telephone conversation, told the paper that there are unscrupulous individuals who are still after him apparently to complete the murder that they started.

   In the telephone conversation, Davies revealed that, on his way to the hospital for treatment recently, he noticed a black car with tainted glasses tailing him, and each time he makes a stop the black car, too, will stop. He noted that the situation got him so afraid that he had to drive to a crowded place for safety.

   He said he has been informed that there are “big hands” behind his murder threat, and that he fears for his life more than he has ever been in his lifetime.

   “I cannot avail myself to anyone right because I do not know whether you are being followed or not. Please don’t take it personal. I’m doing this for the safety of my life,” DMX pleaded with the Hot Pepper. 

   The Hot Pepper has been informed that the Knowing United Brothers Associated Hood (KUBAH) has been charged and forwarded to court by the Liberia National Police (LNP), and the first hearing in the case is scheduled for today, January 18, 2021 at the Monrovia City Court, Temple of Justice.

   Three (3) eye-witnesses, who told the Hot Pepper that they were on the attempted murder scene, have expressed empathy for Davies and wished him speedy recovery. They disclosed that they were laying back on DMX’s car that night when they saw him running out of Shuta Margarita with blood spilling from his throat, and wondered what was going on, as they knew nothing about what was going on in the club.

   One of the eye-witnesses, Amos Barclay, explained, “I’ve been knowing DMX for a very long time, but I was very shocked when I saw him running out of the club with a bloody shirt. He had on white shirt that night. He came running down asking his driver to open the door while there were some guys chasing after him with burst wine bottles. His driver acted smart by swiftly opening the door for him and pulling off from the scene.” 

   When asked whether he could recognize those attacking Davies that night, Barclay said, “The guy who was at the forefront of the whole attack was the head of the KUBAH group, Azonto. He is not even a resident of Du-Port Road; he resides in the Rehab community. We don’t even know how he established a gang group in our community. The frustrating part is that we were not in the position to help DMX that night because the guys were armed.”

   According to him, “There was a police officer on the scene—a bright fellow who I was later told is assigned with a Deputy Director of Police [101]. This guy personally told us to back off. He said that he knows Azonto and DMX, but he did not know what was going on between them, and so he could not get involved. We appeal to this guy to rescue the situation because he had a side arm, but he refused.”

   Barclay named other hardcore KUBAH members as “Hipco PIMP” and “KUBAH Confused” as some of those still roaming the streets. “Another person who was actively involved with the whole issue is ‘KUBAH Confused’. He was the one who removed the ‘No Parking’ signboard that was in front of the club and destroyed DMX car’s windshield with it when the driver was hurriedly escaping from the scene,” Barclay explained.

   He disclosed that “Hipco PIMP” is the son of a Deputy Director of the Executive Protection Service (EPS), Seward Briggs, and that the guy was the “Four Star” of KUBAH Gang. He said the name is a popular one among residents of the Paynesville belt. “There is a person who has continuously terrorized the Paynesville belt…they call him ‘Hipco PIMP’. He is Seward Briggs’ son—the Deputy EPS Director. This guy goes about riding people’s bikes and cars without paying. He is being used to carry out many dangerous and terroristic activities in Paynesville. Carry out your own investigation and you will see what I’m talking about. People need to come in and handle the situation in our community.”

    When contacted, Deputy EPS Director Briggs could not be reached via phone call. The paper strived further by texting him about his son’s alleged involvement with the KUBAH Gang, but he did not respond up to press time.

Deputy EPS Director, Seward Briggs

   Meanwhile, the three eye-witnesses, Momolu Sackie, Amos Barclay and Daniel Wilson, who availed themselves to the Hot Pepper, have agreed, if the need arises, to take the witness stand against the dangerous KUBAH Gang. Investigation continues.

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