“Do Not Depend On Gov’t For Everything”–Says Google 8 Bar’s CEO


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Google 8 Bar and Restaurant, located at Mount Barclay, Albert W. Siaway, speaking to Hot Pepper over the weekend at his office said he does not depend on government, as government cannot do all; therefore, Liberians should be focused on agriculture and business.

   According to Siaway, he has been in the United States for years, where he has seen many things in development; he therefore decided to come home to contribute to the society by engaging into business and agriculture. He said he has a farm in Nimba County. As he put it, every country depends on agriculture, therefore he called on Liberians to pay attention to farming.

   The CEO of Google 8 noted that he has constructed a swimming pool at the facility, which cost US$150,000. He disclosed a plan to decentralize the restaurant in other parts of the country.

   Siaway lamented about some Liberians not being trust worthy when it comes to business and construction. According to him, many citizens cry that the government does not give them contract; instead, prioritize foreigners over the citizens. He said this is so because the many citizens are not serious when it comes to privately improving their livelihood. “The banks give them loans, but at the end of the day they disappear from the banks without even making attempt to pay back the loans,” he stated.

   He continued, “The refusal of government to empower Liberian-own businesses have shown that we are not even near the fence of the stadium after the president had said that Liberians will no longer be spectators in their own economy.”    He frowned over Liberia being left behind by its African counterparts developmentally.           

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