Dr. Samah Predicts Lofa County By-Election’s Outcome–Says He Is The People’s Choice

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Lofa County’s senatorial candidate, Dr. George Samah, has predicted that the outcome of the up-coming by-election in the county will be in his favor. He vowed to acquire more votes than other candidates running against him in the election, slated for June 28, 2022.

   Dr. Samah disclosed that his prediction is based on the Warm reception, encouragement, endorsement and petitions he has received from 2019 up to present.

   Speaking to local reporters in Monrovia recently, the retired United Nations diplomat warned his political rivals to step aside as they are no match to his growing popularity in the county.

   Dr. George Samah emphasized that he has received petitions, endorsements and petition letters from key opinion leaders in the county, including members of Lofa County Traditional Council, Civil Society Groups and heads of religious Institutions across the county, all expressing the readiness to stand by him throughout the process.

   The candidate warned the electorate not to repeat the mistakes of the past by voting for individuals who have no vision to move the county forward, in line with the wishes and aspirations of the citizens.

   He stated that for some of the candidates in the race the seat is a mere opportunity. He called them opportunists, and said they are responsible for the county’s current nightmare.

   Dr. Samah indicated that his preferment for the seat will help reverse the situation in the county and make Lofa County better for Lofa citizens.

   He noted further that, judging from his invaluable contributions to the county’s postwar reconstruction effort, with his hand mark in almost every districts, voters are in high gear to give him overwhelming support in the election.

   Dr. George Samah, who is a member of the 54th Legislature, representing Montserrado County, said he has chosen to contest the seat to save his birth place from the hands of people whom he described as failed politicians. He accused them of playing a major role in the county’s present situation, pointing out that he will use his tradition and culture to reconcile the widely divided citizens of the county, his priority following his anticipated victory.

   He also promised to adopt what he called inclusive leadership that will seek the interest of all Lofa citizens, irrespective of tribe, religion, political affiliation, culture or tradition.

   Meanwhile, the Lofa senatorial candidate is appealing to his followers, well-wishers, admirers and supporters in the county to stay away from any kind of violence during the process as this contravenes the national election laws. He also warned the National Elections Commission (NEC) to provide a leveled playing field for all candidates participating in the election.

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