Editorial: ArcelorMittal Delivers On Its Corporate Social Responsibility


OBSERVERS OF THE socio-economic and political situation in the country have been concerned that granting ArcelorMittal a renewal deal would not be objective, as the concessionaire has added no value to their area of operation, the residents of the area or the people employed with them. It has been the concern that the living standard of those in the company’s area of operation is arguably below poverty line, with a handful of individuals allegedly benefiting.

THE CRITICS HAVE contended that, even though the company argues that it has met all its obligation under the mining agreement with the government, it has been proved that employees of the company are hosted in empty containers, as opposed to refurbishing structures built by LAMCO and giving the employees a better living standard. Besides the roads paved by the former LAMCO concession, they stated that ArcelorMittal has not done much in beefing up government’s effort to connect the people of the area by roads, leaving the government with the burden of taking on the responsibility of a multi-billion dollar company.

BUT ARCELORMITTAL IS proving its critics wrong. The Global Steel Giant has extended its community engagement to communities in two key affected counties with the provision of more than US$300,000 for the implementation of citizens-centered projects in Nimba and Grand Bassa counties.

THE PROJECTS, WHICH include major road rehabilitation in the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa, and the construction of a community healthcare center in Gbapa, Nimba County, are part of the company’s outreach activities aimed at enhancing a mutually rewarding relationship with local communities in its operational areas. Under this initiative, ArcelorMittal Liberia is collaborating with Grand Bassa authorities to rehabilitate foremost community roads throughout Buchanan, at the cost of over US$263,997.

IMPLEMENTATION OF THESE projects comes as a result of a December 2021 request by Grand Bassa County Superintendent, Janjay Baikpeh, and other leaders of the county, who asked the management of ArcelorMittal Liberia to help with the rehabilitation of roads in the city.

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