Editorial: Upjit Singh Sachdeva’s Invaluable Humanitarian Services To The Liberian People


SINCE THE DEADLY Coronavirus outbreak in Liberia in March 2020, Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Jeety) has been providing cooked meal and drinks for many segments of the Liberian populace, including disadvantaged youths (zogoes), inmates, old folks, homeless and slum communities, such as West Point, Center Street, PHP, Vai Town, and so on.

ALONG WITH THE daily hot meals, the Monrovia Central Prison comes into focus. Jeety has come to its rescue countless times, providing food, water, soft drink, cake, mattresses, etc. to the inmates through the prison superintendents. During one of his recent visits to the prison, down Center Street, Jeety observed that the water system of the prison was damaged, and immediately promised to ensure that it is restored. True to his words, the technical work for the restoration of the damaged water system is in process, and expected to be completed soon.

THE GOVERNMENT OF Liberia (GOL), recognizing Jeety’s invaluable services to the Liberian people, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday, April 23, 2021 bestowed upon Jeety its esteemed honor, “Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption in Nimba County”, for his over two decades of service to the people of Liberia while he served as Consul General of India.

THESE AWARDS ONLY seem to rejuvenate the former Indian Consul General’s enthusiasm to serve humanity, as he continues to do more for the less fortunate of the Liberian society.

THE INDIAN HUMANITARIAN, speaking to the Hot Pepper recently reiterated that it is blessed to give than to receive, and that he will continue to serve humanity on a charitable basis to receive the blessings of God, as he is of the conviction that he is doing God’s work. He noted that he was humbled by the kind words from the Government of Liberia (GOL), adding that the government has continued to prove that his services are not going unnoticed. 

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