Elton Johns: “We Are Supportive Of The Pro-Poor Agenda”


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a microfinance loan enterprise, Bukonjadeh Group of Companies, Elton Datee Johns, has reiterated his company’s commitment and full support for the CDC government’s “Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development”.

   Johns maintained that his entity is indeed mindful of the existing realities that times are really hard because, according to him, “many people cannot afford…” He said he believes that better times are ahead, urging all Liberians to be nationalistic and patriotic by putting Liberia above all personal and selfish interests.

   The Bukonjadeh Group of Companies, he added, even though non-political, shares portion of the economic difficult times under which ordinary citizens live. “We must rally around the CDC administration to succeed, as it strives to positively realize its dream within the context of the ‘Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development’,” he said.

   According to Johns, his company is across the fifteen counties of the country, as its customers are from all the various counties. He noted that the goal of his entity is to positively redefine the lives of the underprivileged from the years of decadence of abject poverty.

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