Entertainment Spotlight On Comedian EKJ


Full Name: Ernest Kortee Jallah
Stage Name: EKJ
Date of birth: March 31, 1995
Medium: Video Creator. Film. Comedy
Nationality: Liberian
Education: College Student
Alma Mater: Brilliance Academy (High School)
Years Active: 2014—Present
Genres: Observational comedy. Satire. Motion Comedy
Subjects: Liberian Culture. Everyday life. Human Sexuality. Popular Culture. Highlife jokes

Ernest Kortee Jallah was born in Montserrado County but hails from Lofa, Liberia. He was born unto the blessed union of Mr. Raymond Jallah (deceased) and Miss Adella Bolo in Old Matadi Sinkor, Liberia.

   EKJ, is a comedian and actor.

   During the 2014 Ebola plague in Liberia, he and his team set out to create stress-freeing videos to amuse people who were then staying home due to the rise of the virus in the country.

   For those of you who have been following this young man from the start of his career to the spot he is presently, you will be a witness to what I am about to tell you.

   Ernest Kortee Jallah (EKJ The comedian) has two major things that 90% of Liberian comedians do not have or  know how to do:

1. He is Handsome: girls are the ones who run the entertainment industry and, trust me, if girls love you, your work will move on social media like wildfire. You will see it all over on different sites, especially Tiktok. The boy is creative, and women love comedy that they can see themselves into and how cute the person doing it is.

   2. He brands himself well: many Liberian comedian think once you are a comedian it means you are crazy and you should always look dirty. Those days of dirty comedy are gone a long time. It was during George Boutini and Angel Micheal’s days. Nowadays, you need to dress well and look responsible.

   No one wants to be a friend to a crazy man or see you talking something funny and dirty at the same time, unless the project you doing provides that you should look dirty.

 A comedian is a creative joke teller and not a mad person.

Comedian Ernest Kortee Jallah (EKJ)
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