EPA Debunks US$100,000 Bribe Claim


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has described as baseless, false and diabolically misleading and untrue the claim that authorities of the agency received US$100,000 to permit the illegal dumping of hazardous waste in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

   The EPA in a release issued on Tuesday, September 21,  2021 said the allegation is a blatant falsehood perpetrated by ignorant and criminal-minded persons to willfully malign the character of EPA management and smear the integrity of its Executive Director and CEO, Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh.

   The agency said the allegation is being championed by paid-agents who want to sow seeds of discord at the EPA.

   The EPA disclosed that the identities of individuals involved in this willful and malicious attack have been established.

   “The agency is warning them to immediately desist from these unwarranted attacks or face the wrath of the entity,” the EPA said in a press release.

   Contrary to falsehood that technicians are disgruntled and planning a go-slow, the EPA explained that normal working activities are on-going at the agency, and that there is no plan for workers to go slow.

   The agency said it is not distracted by any unjustified provocation by individuals hiding behind the noble journalism profession to wrongfully stain the reputation of Prof. Tarpeh,” the release added.

   However, the EPA is challenging media institutions making baseless claims against the entity and its CEO to exhibit evidence to back their allegations.

   The EPA is further cautioning journalists to desist from unethical journalism by directing all inquiries to the EPA’s media office, because it will not take lightly attacks intended to besmear the reputation of its Executive Director.

    “The EPA remains committed to ensuring that the environment remains protected,” the EPA release observed.

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