Ex-Soldier To Contest 2023 Legislative Election


The 2023 general and presidential elections is expected to pull big surprises, as the names of prominent Liberians continue to surface especially for the seats of the National Legislature.

   Among them is the name of James Guanue, an ex-soldier of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). Guanue worked in the Liberian army as a G2 personnel. He is a retired Captain, and a resident of electoral district #4, Montserrado County, where he has vowed to contest the political process because the district is under-represented at the National Legislature.

   Guanue noted that for too long the people of FDA Community have been denied the seat, with only people residing in other segments of the district taking the position as though there is no man to represent their side of the district.

   Speaking to reporters at his residence in FDA community, Paynesville, he said upon his election by the people of the district he will prioritize the development of human resource, strong advocacy for the passage of good laws that will affect positive change in the lives of Liberians, and sponsor bills that will see Liberian students acquiring sound and quality education, as well as security and development of the district.

   He disclosed that, with the cooperation of residents of the district, Omega, which used to be a big criminal hideout, is now a safe haven, adding that he single-handily graded the Omega Road, provided sustained support to old folks with food and other essential items, scholarships and several other assistances to the people of the district.

    Guanue, who was jailed by the Sirleaf administration for his advocacy, averred that he will also seek to protect women’s rights, the passage of a law that will ensure that the spending power of the President is limited to enable vast majority of Liberians to benefit from the country’s national resources as well as fighting to curtail corruption in the National Legislature.

   According to Guanue, he has provided over 700 scholarships to students within the district and underprivileged youth in support of their educational sojourn. Aspirant Guanue is the writer of the book, “UNICEF” currently being used in Liberian schools. Guanue who declared that he is the biggest aspirant in the district and a leader born, observed that he was instrumental in the resolution of a dispute within the motorcycle union.

   He point out that he was also involved in the resolution of the misunderstanding between inhabitants of the Doe Estate in FDA Community and ensured that residents of the 540 area are re-settled by the government.

   Meanwhile, aspirant Guanue has a vast foreign exposure. He served as general chairperson for 18 blocs; brain behind the establishment of the district development council and other key positions. He is the owner of the James Teah School System, Red Hill, Omega Community.

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