Fire Burns Homes In Pipeline

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Apartments gutted by fire

A near-tragic fire engulfed the residents of Pipeline Road during the early morning hours of Tuesday, February 2, 2021, leaving two apartments completely burned.

   An eye-witness who spoke to the Hot Pepper yesterday informed the paper that the fire escalated from a Tiger Generator which was left on by a new tenet in Jalloh Shop community.

   The eye-witness explained that, when the fire engulfed the first apartment, the next-door neighbors woke up and rushed to the apartment with the generator, knocked on the door to wake the person inside, but their effort went in vain due to the loud sound of music left on by the tenet.

   The Hot Pepper was further informed that the few residents, who were knocking on the new tenet’s door to have him awake, went to other neighbors’ doors and woke them up for help in fighting the fire.

   By that time, the first two apartments had been hit by the wildfire. They courageously fought the fire with togetherness and were successful in making sure that the fire did not spread beyond the two apartments. 

   However, John Tarmeh, the resident of one of the burned apartments, loss all his belongings to the fire, including his documents and goods brought for sale.

   The owner of the apartment from where the fire generated managed to get some things out after the heavy noise from the fight against the fire intensified.

   Meanwhile, the owner of the house, Fred Nyanku, could not say a word to the Hot Pepper, as he stood speechless and confused over the incident.

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