First Diaspora Bank To Be Established In Liberia Soon; ALCOD Chairman for Out-Country Voting Discloses


Alfred Sieh, the Chairman, Out-Country Voting, All Liberians Conference on Dual Citizenship (ALCOD), has disclosed a plan by ALCOD to establish the first free zone diaspora bank in Liberia soon.

   Making the disclosure during an exclusive interview conducted by the Hot Pepper via mobile on May 23, 2023, Sieh stated that the first diaspora bank, when established in the country, will serve as an economic conduit for development and the prosperity of all Liberians at home and abroad.

   He said the ALCOD sees a lot of possibilities and potential for Liberians at home and abroad by working together collaboratively in building the motherland.

   According to him, ALCOD, through its advocacy for inclusiveness, is setting the tone to create a conducive economic environment through which all Liberians can be successful through hard and honest work.

   Since the passage of the Dual Citizenship Bill by the CDC-led government of President George Weah, Liberians in the diaspora have begun developing more interest in what happens in terms of development to their home country. According to information gathered from the diaspora, Liberians are indeed excited that they, too, have a part to play within the forward match of their home country.

   The Dual Citizenship Bill was years ago vetoed by President Weah. It gives diaspora Liberians the right to participate in their home country’s affairs.

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