Former Rep. Siaway Eyes Bassa District #5’s Seat


Grand Bassa County’s electoral district #5 former Representative of the 53rd National Legislature, Robertson Siaway, has disclosed his plan to contest the pending presidential and legislatives elections as a representative aspirant come 2023.

   Speaking with former Representative Siaway during an interview held with the Hot Pepper on December 13,2021 at his private office in Monrovia, the former lawmaker noted that the reason behind his political ambition is to address major issues confronting the wellbeing of the people of electoral district #5, Grand Bassa County.

   It is reported that former Representative Siaway was one of those who exactly did well for his district in terms of major development, such as road connectivity, construction of public schools, among others. Contrary to his efforts, however, the electorate voted the other way around. Currently, the same electorate is calling on him to return, once more, to the House of Representatives as their direct lawmaker, which has caused the former lawmaker to expresse his willingness to serve them.

   According to him, since the 2017 election lots of his public development projects have been abandoned.

    Siaway stated that those initiatives were not his personal initiatives aimed at making him rich, as he was thankful to God for the little he has been earning as a farmer.

   Commenting on his journey toward 2023, the former representative mentioned that, despite his being out of the House of Representatives, he is still concentrated on developments that will transform the district like other districts in Liberia.

   When questioned to name those developments, he responded as saying that he has currently constructed 9.5km road in Kpogblee Clan, rural Bassa. He said he spend US$22,000 to grade the 9.5 km road.

   He continued that he is also currently constructing a 7-classroom elementary building in Joegbah Clan, electoral district #5, Grand Bassa County.

   According to him, he is currently recruiting volunteer teachers to assist rural communities’ public schools. Currently, he said, most public schools in the rural areas lack teachers, stating that after the recruitment process his commitment is to provide small financial support, in the tone of L$4,000 monthly, to the recruited teachers.

   He said Grand Bassa deserves better among counties in Liberia.

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