Former Wells-Hairston Students To Shortly Launch “Operation Retain Pres. Weah 2023”


The Organizing Chairman of a group of former Wells-Hairston students, Paul Bordoe, who was a former classmate of President Weah at the Wells Hairston High School in the 80s, said they are proud of President Weah for his distinct leadership ability and, as such, see it expedient that they work in solidarity with the President for his second-term bid.

   The Wells-Hairston former students said they are also amazed and appreciative about President Weah’s leadership and help to his alma-mater, Wells-Hairston, which has brought renewed glory to the school. They said they believe that, if he is re-elected, he will do more for the country, as well as continue to elevate the standards of education in the country.

   The organizing chairman is meanwhile calling on all former students of Wells-Hairston in Liberia as well in the Diaspora to join the process of re-electing President George Manneh Weah come 2023.

  Bordoe described President Weah as a man of vision, emphasizing that he is optimistic that, if elected, President Weah will continue to steer the country to nobility.

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