GOL Launches Electronic Pay-slip Platform


The Government of Liberia (GOL), through its Inter-Agency on Payroll Reform (represented by the Civil Service Agency, the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning), has launched its Digitalization and Synchronization of Civil Servants Employment and Pension Data and Civil Servants Electronic Pay-slip Platform.

   Speaking during the Ministry of Information’s special press briefing on Wednesday, the Director General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA), James Thompson, said majority of government employees are not knowledgeable of their gross income, which has led them to branding the government negatively.

   Thompson said he was optimistic that the new measure will now strive to eliminate doubts in the minds of civil servants in their earnings.

   For his part, Janga Kowo said the Government of Liberia (GOL) has officially launched an electronic pay-slip platform for civil servants.

   He said civil servants will now have access to their monthly pay slip detailing gross monthly salary, including deductions, income tax, social security insurance and others.

   The launch was jointly performed on December 14, 2022 by the inter agency team of the Civil Service Agency, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and National Social Security and Welfare Corporation.

   Janga Kowo said the platform will deliver monthly payroll exchange rate and the actual amounts in both United State and Liberian dollars that the government sends to commercial banks.

   He added that the new measure is in consonance with the demands for transparency and accountability in government.

   At the same time, Del Francis Wreh said the data will include employees’ social security number, sex, date of birth and employment, physical address, email address, cellphone number, gross salary and social security deduction.

   He maintained that information collected will be linked to the automated pension platform of NASSCOP to easily provide history of civil servants for processing of retirement and pension benefits.

   Wreh said the digitalization and harmonization of employment and pension data of civil servants is to ensure that all employment data are collected and uploaded on the payroll platform.

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