“I Have No Evidence To Prove…” Ellen Corkrum Concedes


Ellen Corkrum (Hunter VanPelt) has finally conceded that she has no evidence to prove that she gave over US$17,386 to Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus, Solicitor-General of the Republic of Liberia, to remove a writ of Ne Exeat Republica issued against her when she visited Liberia in the year 2020. She conceded when she came face to face with Cllr. Cephus on the Spoon Talk on Monday, September 13, 2021, saying, “I have no evidence to prove that I give Cllr. Cephus US$17,386.00”.

   However, in the last few days Corkrum took to the airwaves, serving as guest on many radio talk shows in Monrovia, during which she accused, although without any evidence, the Solicitor-General of allegedly extorting US$17,386.00 from her to have a Ne Exeat Republica issued against her removed and, thereby, pave the way for her safe travel out of Liberia in 2020.

    “Cllr. Cephus extorted US$17,386.00 from me to have the Ne Exeat Republic removed, and I have evidence to prove this, that he received the money,” she consistently and repeatedly said. 

   Even on the Spoon Talk, Corkrum alleged that the first Ne Exeat Republica was dropped against her in December 2019, but when she returned to Liberia another one was issued against her again in February 2020, for which Cllr. Cephus extorted all those money from her, in the name of helping her to come out of it. 

   Corkrum however back-tracked her statement, and when asked as to whether she has any scintilla of evidence or any documentation to prove that she gave the Liberian Solicitor-General the amount in question, she answered, “No. I do not have any evidence to prove that I gave the Solicitor-General US$17,386.”

   However, prior to this interview, Corkrum claimed on many occasions that she had in her possession evidence to prove that she gave the money in question to the Solicitor-General to remove the Ne Exeat Republic.

   A careful review of the Monday talk show and the body language of Corkrum during the show points to the direction that she was not at ease, and each time she was asked to prove her allegations of ritualistic killings against the Solicitor-General, Cllr. Livingstone, Minister McGill and President Weah she became evasive, lousy and argumentative.

   Apparently looking confused and somewhat dejected, Corkrum burst into anger and later resorted to flooding the talk show with diatribes and other forms of condescending statements, and at one point she claimed that she visited the Cllr. Cephus in The Hague, where he had gone for training.

   Again, Cllr. Cephus calmly rejected and denied Cockrum’s claim that she ever visited The Hague, let alone to sit with him and his friends for a drink.

   Cllr. Cephus indicated that Corkrum is a blatant liar who is working with some Liberians opposed to his work and the Government of Liberia (GOL) to have him removed from his post as Solicitor-General.

   An investigation conducted into the claim and counterclaim of Corkrum visiting The Hague to meet with the Solicitor-General revealed that the former LAA boss’ statement had no iota of truth.

   The Hot Pepper’s investigation uncovered two emails exchanged between the two individuals, which are dated June 30 and July 1, 2016, respectively, and both confirmed and affirmed that Corkrum did not visit The Hague as she falsely claimed.

   Observers who have been following the rigmarole emanating from Corkrum say the lady is someone noted for causing stir in government circles, evident by the secret recordings she unleashed during the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration to cause an uproar among the elites of the government at the time while trying to abscond an investigation launched into her shady deals at the airport authority.

   They say it is a fact that Corkrum was a fugitive when she left Liberia and now a convict in the United States for duping the US government of millions of dollars and, as such, her words should be treated like a grain of salt that has no meaning among well-meaning citizens. They say Corkrum is noted for being good at recording conversations, but for her to openly concede that she has no evidence after claiming that she did means she was out to bring down someone with some fabricated falsehood.

   “Corkrum said she talked with the witch doctor, Ciafa Watara, but doesn’t have evidence to it; she sent money to Cephus but doesn’t have proof; Ofori has been executing ritualistic missions for top government officials but doesn’t have proof; she chose animal sacrifice over human sacrifice but doesn’t have proof; how then do we believe all her allegations?” some observers wondered.

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