Illicit Mining Reports Widen In River Gee–Prominent Citizen Calls for Investigation


The former Publicity Committee Chairman of the River Gee County 2016 National Independence Day Program, Jacob N.B. Parley, is calling on the River Gee Legislative Caucus to investigate increasing reports of illicit mining in parts of the county.

   The prominent River Gee citizen said such reports are worrisome and, therefore, require urgent investigation by the County’s Legislative Caucus and other well-meaning citizens of the county.

   Parley said illicit mining has never done any good in terms of improving the living condition of River Gee citizens, especially the youth, who are said to be heavily attracted into such activities because of hardship.

  According to Parley, the reported act will only deepen the hardship River Gee citizens are going through, rather than give them a sustainable future through workable and achievable programs.

   He said it is frustrating to see aliens and their likes drain the energy of the county’s youthful population out of them under the shelter of helping them win daily bread, while such people allegedly remit huge sums of monies accrued from these activities into their countries.

   The veteran Liberian journalist said, besides aliens and others using little or nothing to pull the county’s youthful populations into illicit mining, such practice has the propensity of keeping potential future leaders of River Gee out of school and eventually leaving them with a bleak future.

   Parley also called on the River Gee Legislative Caucus and other stakeholders of the county to put into place workable strategies that will make the youth productive masters of their own professional destiny, rather than potential future beggars and conduit of violence.

   According to the veteran Liberian journalist, any society that fails to lay a productive foundation for its people, mainly the youth, such environment may intelligently be training a generation of clever devils.

   He also called on the youth of River Gee to reject being used to spend their lives raising huge sums of mony for aliens and their collaborators, who in return pay them   with nothing meaningful, but  tobacco and other handouts.

   Parley said his comments come in the wake of increasing reports of illicit mining in several parts of River Gee, as well the hardship River Gee citizens are going through owing to lack of sustainable programs, etc.

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