In Divorce Case: Judge Dunbar Orders Rep. Goshua To Pay US$9,500


The Sixth Judicial Circuit, Civil Law Court “B”, Temple of Justice, presided over by Judge Schaplor R. Dunbar, has ordered Grand Bassa County’s district #5 Representative, Thomas A. Goshua, to pay US$9,500 for alimony and suit money/divorce to Veria A. Goshua.

    Judge Dunbar said the movant’s motion for suit money and alimony were granted pursuant to Section 10.7 of the Civil Procedure Law.

   He indicated that respondent is ordered to pay US$2,500 as counsel fee and as alimony. This amount, he said, should be paid on a monthly basis until the case is heard and finally determined.

   Judge Dunbar ordered the clerk of court to serve a copy of the ruling on respondent’s counsel, in order to put respondent on notice of the court’s ruling.

   “Counsel for movant invokes Chapter 10.7 of the Civil Procedure Law (default on motion). Counsel says further that counsel for respondent, having been duly paper before this honorable court, counsel says further that the said unexcused absence of the respondent’s counsel despite being served with the notice of assignments render the said respondent liable to plaintiff/movant in the motion for suit money and alimony,” Judge Dunbar’s ruling read.

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