JAMA Purified Water Plant Hits The Market


Back in June 2022, several Liberians held a ceremony to mark the opening of their newly-built state-of-the-art water processor, Jama Purified Water.

 Built at a cost of over US$256,725, Jama Purified Water is located in Beke Town, Kpekor, Brewerville, just outside Monrovia.

 Now, Jama Purified Water and its management team of experts have begun to operate, distributing their bottles and sachets of water at various locations across the nation’s capital and parts adjacent.

   The products, 500 ml sachets, 600 ml, 1600 ml and purified ice blocks, according to report are good for all age groups and will be delivered to businesses, religious, medical, and academic institutions, homes, hotels, clinics and entertainment centers, among others.

   The water is produced from an untouched soil using the most advanced water filtration system, ozone, and reverse osmosis technologies. These technologies produce the highest level of purified water, and those who have drunk it are said to be amazed by how different it tastes.

    Jama Purified Water, one of Liberia’s newest water plants, has a motto that reads, “Quench your thirst and enhance your life”, according to its Executive Officer, Dr. Cherinor Sillah.

   Dr. Sillah specialized in emergency and sports medicine in the USA and has over 21 years of experience in the medical field. He is the Chief Medical Officer for the Liberia Medical Mission, which comes every two years to provide free healthcare to the Liberian people and donate medical supplies to the varied healthcare facilities in the country.

   When he and his team got together back in 2018, Dr. Sillah said he saw a country devastated by civil war and the Ebola pandemic, followed by the outbreak of COVID-19.

   He noted that his mission is to be a leader in doing something about them by undertaking activities that would put his country on a path of sustainable growth.

   Although external actors can make a vital contribution, his thinking was that only Liberians themselves could produce the enabling environment. So out of that belief Jama was conceived, and some four years later has come alive with its state-of-the-art water-processing plant in Beke Town, Kpekor, Brewerville.

   On December 10, 2022 the company’s startup was officially launched at a ceremony at the plant. In attendance was Prince Teahjay, a Deputy Manager of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Commission (WASH). 

   Teahjay graced the occasion with hearty expression of thanks and praise, and went out of his way to highlight the significance of the plant by sounding this alarm: “Poor water quality is linked to early death and disease outbreaks, adding further devastation to the lives of the Liberian people.”

    To response, Teahjay made a commitment to work with Jama Purified Water and other water producers to make safe-drinking water widely available in Liberia’s trade and commerce.

   He urged cooperation, and asked all companies to observe the international standards of quality and pure water. 

   The WASH Commission official further promised that the introduction of water tariff by the government would promote fair competition by providing a free market that would enable native producers to compete with their international counterparts.

   Also present was James Strother, President of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA).  Strother used the occasion to call on Liberians in the diaspora to see the need to come back home and, like Dr. Sillah, contribute to the development of the country.

   He also promised that the association will work with the management of JAMA Purified Water in ensuring that the bottles of water and blocks of ice, as well as sachets, reach all corners of Liberia.

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