JBS Care Foundation Identifies With Several Orphans In Margibi On Christmas Day


The Liberian-owned not-for-profit, Jomah B. Samuels Care Foundation (JBS Care Foundation), during the festive season brought joy to many children, as the Foundation gave assorted gift items to several orphans at the Master of Champions Orphanage and many other children from four towns in Mamba Kaba District, Margibi County’s electoral district #1.

   Towns in Mamba Kaba District where scores of underprivileged children received Christmas gifts from the JBS Care Foundation include Doormouth Town, Johnny Cooper Town, Division-4 Camp “C”, and Vai Town.

   On Christmas day, a JBS Care Foundation’s delegation, led by the organization’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jomah B. Samuels, visited the Master of Champions Orphanage, where boxes of assorted gifts were presented to children at the facility, which plays host to dozens of needy orphans.

   At the Master of Champions Orphanage, situated off the road leading to Boys’ Town, Lower Margibi County, during a formal ceremony characterized by the inhabitants of the orphanage rendering melodious Christian songs and expression of joy, CEO Samuels in a brief remark recalled that in May of 2020 he was at the orphanage with the donation of several bags of rice, indicating that this year his foundation thought to give the children some other gifts, including toys, candies and chocolates.

   He informed the children that his Foundation loves them and cares about them, adding that, in spite of the outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, which is affecting productivity in every sphere of life, the JBS Care Foundation is making strides to scout donors aimed at helping the needy in Liberia.

   “We are not going to forget about you – whatever way possible, you are in our thoughts and prayers that God opens avenues for opportunities to enable us help you and other people to be better people,” said CEO Samuels, who told a jubilant crowd of cheering children that “Liberia needs you guys”.

    He said Liberia is plagued with many challenges, but noted that, in order to make things better for the country, it would take the involvement of every Liberian.  “Don’t say government; don’t say Representative; don’t say Senator; it [Liberia] needs every one of us. So we charge you with the responsibility to remain focused,” he said.

   He informed the orphans that Woods Services, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., contributed several toys towards the donation, pleading with the children to be thankful to the US-based company for its assistance which, in his mind, will motivate Woods Services to do more.

   He challenged the orphans to be people who share, indicating that sharing is a good thing, while noting that the gifts to the Master of Champions Orphanage was his organization’s way of sharing with the orphans during the festive season.

   Meanwhile, on December 27, 2021 the JBS Care Foundation delegation, headed by its CEO, traveled to Mamba Kaba District, Margibi County’s electoral district #1, and presented several gift items to less-fortunate children who expressed joy for the gifts, with their parents expressing thanks and appreciation to JBS Care Foundation and its partner, Woods services, for the gesture.

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