KEEP Liberia Donates L$150K To VSLA Women In Montserrado County


In continuation of its economic livelihood programs, the Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) Liberia recently donated L$150,000 to the Women of Millsburg Township Village Saving Group.

   The acronym VSLA means, Village Savings And Loan Association.

   During the donation, the Program Coordinator of KEEP Liberia, Gloria O. R. Yaskey, said economic empowerment and livelihood is one of KEEP’s pillars; as a result, KEEP values every woman that is breaking the barrier of poverty in the home.

   She said the amount was a commitment of KEEP’s 2022 planned support to VSLA groups around the country in communities it works in.

   “Sustainability and growth are one of KEEP’s key pillars. So, for this reason, I was given an order and instruction by my executive director to serve in this capacity and her capacity to donate this U$1,000, which is equivalent to L$150,000, to the VSLA women of Millsburg Township,” Gloria Yaskey stated.

   According to KEEP Program Coordinator, KEEP Liberia currently has nine village saving clubs around the country, and these women are making tremendous efforts of helping their male counterpart, including supporting their children in school, supporting their homes, building houses and helping their communities.

   Speaking on behalf of the group, the chairlady of the VSLA women, Sounyea Robert, appreciated KEEP for her continued support to the women of Millsburg Township. Robert said the group started with thirty (30) members with support from KEEP Liberia, but the number has increased to a membership of 60.

   In furtherance, she lauded KEEP Liberia, saying that the donation was timely to strengthen the new group. She also explained that KEEP Liberia has impacted the lives of many women by lifting them up from poverty to increased disposable income in order to support their families.

   She continued that due to the improvement of the economic income of many women in Millsburg Township, men have joined the group.

   “We are not only depending on our men for home support. While the men are providing, we are also able to contribute to the family’s income and bring something tangible as well; it’s because of the VSLA. Thank you, KEEP Liberia, for taking us from extreme poverty,” Robert said. “Today, our men are joining the group and other men are coming, because some of us have built our houses and are sending our children to school through the VSLA with support from KEEP Liberia.”

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