Landslide Kills More Than 50 In Grand Cape Mount


Grand Cape Mount County has been hit by a tragic landslide in the midst of the nation seeking refuge against the deadly Coronavirus.

The incident took place in Massakpa and Bamgoma towns, Tewor District, during the evening hours of Monday, May 4, 2020, with the government’s response team still searching for bodies and missing individuals up to press time.

The Assistant Minister for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Ministry of Youth and Sports, Millias Z. Sheriff, who is a prominent citizen of the county, has estimated approximately fifty (50) deaths, as search for missing individuals continues. The landslide has been attributed to the mining activities of a Chinese company in that part of the county, which has resulted into seismic disturbances.

However, the Chinese company in the area has accused the victims of being involved in illegal mining, as the company claims that the victims are not under its employ.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the remains of the victims will be buried in a mass grave after the Zhur (2:00 p.m. Islamic prayer).

Observers are squarely blaming the National Disaster Management for not providing early warnings to companies carrying out mining operations in the country, and for not taking stringent measures against illegal miners.

This is the second time Grand Cape Mount County has recorded a landslide; the first was during President Samuel K. Doe’s military regime.

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