LCC Terms Bicentennial Celebration “Great Initiative”


The President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Kortu Brown, has termed the Bicentennial celebration as a great initiative, which he said will instill national unity among Liberians.

   The Bicentennial celebration is a year-long event, paying homage to Africa’s first Republic, which founding began with the arrival of freed black slaves from the United States of America on what is now called Providence Island 200 years ago.

   Speaking over the weekend at his Brewerville residence, Bishop Brown explained that the Bicentennial celebration will give Liberians a sober reflection of who they are and where they come from.

   The Council of Churches’ President described the importance of the program as “putting together what has once been broken”.

   “The celebration is unique and crucial; it is intended to unite us all by putting together what has once been broken,” he averred.

   Speaking further, the clergyman stated that the celebration can only be successful if Liberians realize that they are one people. He also stated that “one way we can realize the success of the bicentennial is to avoid calling ourselves congo and natives.

   “We can continue the bicentennial celebration if we avoid identifying ourselves as congo or natives, rather Liberians,” he pleaded.

   Bishop Brown warned the government to keep the celebration inclusive and recognize all political parties as well. He also noted that Liberians should embrace the celebration with joy and leave sentiments out. “This isn’t a CDC celebration; rather, all Liberians. I urge the government to keep it inclusive,” he added.

   Meanwhile, the LCC President has encouraged all Liberians to participate in the celebration as a way of welcoming a new beginning following 200 years of existence.

   Bishop Kortu Brown argued that “every Liberian might have come from somewhere to settle on this land now called Liberia, which is sufficient to unite us”.

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