“Liberia On Auto-Pilot” –CPP Standard Bearer Says


The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Cummings, says Liberia is on auto-pilot, due to President George Weah ignorance and incompetence of effectively administering the affairs of the state.

    “Weah’s administration has persistently failed, performed incompetently, continue to act irresponsibly, that many Liberians have concluded that Liberia is on auto-pilot,” Cummings told a news conference in Monrovia on Monday, October 31, 2022.

   He said in the five years of President Weah’s leadership, he has no idea how to fix the country’s economy and the problems they have worsened.

   “Now, as we are prepared to end their failed leadership in 2023, they are conniving to create problems in the elections and undermine our hard-won democracy,” Cummings said.

   The CPP Standard Bearer said since 2018 the President has failed to conduct the National Housing and Population Census, a major Constitutional requirement critical to national election and development.

   “Repeatedly, the Weah administration has acted not to obey the Constitutional demand for the timely conduct of elections. We will not permit it this time—enough is enough,” Cummings told Journalists upon his return from Canada and the United States of America this week.

   He expressed concerns about protracted delays of the 2023 electoral process and time-table due to inadequate funding of the National Elections Commission (NEC).

   “President Weah and administration have a duty to provide the needed resources and to do so in a timely manner, so that the electoral processes and procedures are done credibly and within the required Constitutional timeframe,” Cummings maintained.

   He said the last and important duty of any democratic government is to provide for the free and fair conduct of democratic elections, to afford citizens the opportunity to elect their leaders and ensure a smooth and peaceful transfer of power.

   The CPP Standard Bearer said the 2023 presidential and general elections, as well as all its attending processes and procedures, must be adhered to as provided by the Liberian Constitution.

   He cautioned the government to stop the rampant stealing and ensure timely and adequate funding to the NEC for the conduct of credible and transparent elections come 2023.

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