Liberian Banker: “Job Creation Will Reduce Poverty, Hardship”

Musa V. Sackor

A banker based in the United States of America says job creation is key toward eradicating poverty and hardship, being faced by the ordinary citizens in the country following years of civil upheaval which ravaged nearly every fabric of the nation.

    Musa V. Sackor, Vice President, PNC Bank, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., said he believes that with the creation of employment opportunities the economy of the nation will get in the hands of the citizenry, causing Liberia to regain its lost status among the comity of nations.

   According to him, the peace in the nation has sent the signal to potential foreign investments and jumpstart the ailing economy, paving the way for the employment of qualified Liberians.

   In a chat with this writer via cell phone, Sackor, also one-time Vice President/Senior Branch Manager, Citibank, hailed President George Weah for the level of development, peace and stability in Liberia over the last three years of the CDC-led government.

   He was also quick to extol the Liberian government, through the leadership of President Weah, for the construction of the connectivity of roads across the nation, lest to mention the erection of housing units, as estates, to shelter the have-not citizens and the re-electrification of some parts of Monrovia.

   Sackor, former Director for Price Analysis/Marketing, Ministry of Commerce and Industry during 1999, welcomed the electrification of Maryland, Grand Gedeh and Nimba counties under the West Africa Power Pool Project and the extension of electricity to other counties which, to date, have boomed trade and commerce in these counties.

   He then cautioned officials of the government to begin to reach out by lobbying abroad to attract potential investors who will in return invest in Liberia and create employment opportunities for the scores of unemployed Liberians, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which has crippled economics around the world.

   “It’s not time for destructive politicking,” Sackor told his fellow countrymen. “Liberians at home and in the diaspora need to close-ranks by supporting the ‘Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity (PADA)’ to move the country forward globally among nations of the world.”

   Sackor, who once served as Assistant Director for Industry and Supervision, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has also entreated patriotic Liberians in foreign parts to begin to serve as goodwill ambassadors for Liberia as the country under the leadership of President Weah embarks upon vigorous developed programs across the country.

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