Liberian Engages In Onion Farming; To Supply Local Market Soon


Solomon Davies, a Liberian farmer based in Canada, has ventured into planting onion in large amounts for distribution on the Liberian market. He is arguably among the few Liberians involved in planting onion, a commodity that is regularly eaten by the population but mostly imported from neighboring countries.

   Davies’ onion farm is in Fornoh, Grand Cape Mount County, and occupies hundreds of acres of land. The farm is already yielding anticipated results, and may begin to supply the Liberian market at the soonest possible time.

   Speaking to the Hot Pepper recently, the owner of the farm, Davies, disclosed that from now to June he will begin to supply the Liberian market with thousands of tons of onions, and as well export to Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Guinea.

  Businessmen in the country spend thousands of United States dollars annually to import onions and other commodities to ensure their availability on the market, due to the fact that the citizenry is not venturing into planting the commodity, even though the land is fertilized enough for such farming. However, it seems like there will be some relief as a drop in the price of onion anytime soon, as Davies has taken the first step.

   According to Davies, farming is used globally as the bedrock of economies. He emphasized that if Liberians put their attention to farming, it will help improve the economy and provide jobs for Liberians. He reiterated that farming pays more than opening a restaurant, hotel and other initiatives in Monrovia. “It gives you double profit and brings foreign currency to the country’s economy,” he indicated.

   Davies stated that most countries within the West African region depend on farming to boost their economies.

   According to him, Liberia spent 200 million on importing rice, and he is calling on the government to create the condusive environment for Liberians to embark on farming across the country.

   Davies said that farming provides more jobs in the country, ranging from employment for educated and uneducated persons.

   He said he wants the government to support  farming cooperatives in the country, which will serve as a means of rebranding  the country’s economy.

   “Farming is important. Let’s take it seriously,” he cautioned.

   Davies has about five thousand acres of farmland in Liberia.

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