LNBA, Chinese Ambassador Commit To Enhancing Rule Of Law In Liberia


The leadership of the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) and the Chinese Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Ren Yisheng, have expressed commitment to collaborate to enhance Liberia’s rule of law program, as the nation strives to improve its democratic credentials.

   At a meeting hosted by Ambassador Yisheng at the Chinese embassy on November 30, 2022 in honor of the LNBA leadership, the Chinese Ambassador and the leadership of the LNBA agreed to collaborate in several areas, which include exchange programs between the LNBA and the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA), capacity building, reform of the rule of law sector and support to the fight against corruption. Ambassador Yisheng assured the leadership of the Bar that the Chinese embassy will actively promote exchanges and cooperation between ACLA and the LNBA, and is ready to facilitate visits to China and provide training opportunities for the LNBA leadership and its members in China.

   A LNBA press statement issued Tuesday, December 6, 2022 disclosed that Ambassador Yisheng has informed the LNBA about tremendous progress made by the Chinese government in accelerating its rule of law program through the Law-Based Governance Program of China. “To build a strong rule of law system, there must be a need to achieve complete scientific and unified legal norms, fair and efficient authoritative law enforcement and justice system, as well as effectively restricting and supervising the exercise of power, which portends full respect and safeguard of legitimate rights and interests of the people,” Ambassador Yisheng was quoted as saying.

   The Chinese diplomat also informed the LNBA leadership about China’s major achievements and great changes over the past ten years as contained in its Law-Based Governance Report, which include but not limited to comprehensive deepening reforms, winning a complete victory of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, strengthening ecological and environmental governance and conservation, and also joining the ranks of the world’s innovators with breakthroughs in some core technologies in key fields, such as spaceflight program, ICT, artificial intelligence and energy. He indicated that China is prepared to adhere to the independent foreign policy of peace, conduct exchanges and cooperation on the basis of respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity, equality and mutual benefit.

   The Chinese Ambassador reminded the LNBA about its role in the areas of peace and stability, democracy and justice, which will only enhance prosperity and development in Liberia. He called on the leadership of the Bar to always strive to safeguard the correct implementation of the law, fairness and justice, which will always protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Liberian people.

   For its part, the LNBA leadership commended the Chinese Diplomat for the meeting and reminded him about the overall mandate of the LNBA—to promote the sciences of jurisprudence, advance the cause of legal education and help maintain the independence of the Judiciary to ultimately enhance the rule of law.

   The LNBA said it remains a professional organization established by an Act of the Liberian Legislature in 1907 to fully articulate and defend the interest of its membership and promote fraternal feelings and good fellowship among the members of the association, as well as with members of bar associations of foreign countries.

   “As a progressive partner, the LNBA will always remain engaged with relevant international partners, such as the Chinese Embassy, to critically dissect Liberia’s rule of law program and proffer alternative means to keep the Liberia’s democracy afloat. The LNBA believes that a vibrant rule of law system will only guarantee peaceful co-existence for all Liberians,” the statement quoted the LNBA as saying.

   According to the press statement, consistent with the collaboration between the Bar and the Chinese Embassy, Ambassador Ren Yisheng has accepted an invitation from the LNBA’s leadership to visit the current and proposed headquarters of the Bar, to acquaint himself with activities of the Bar.

   “Meanwhile, the LNBA Leadership is commending state prosecutors for calling off the three-week strike, which paralyzed courts across the country. The prosecutors, who represent government in legal cases, were demanding that the government increases their monthly salaries and provides benefits for them, including vehicles. But after an intervention of the LNBA and other relevant actors, coupled with promises made by the Liberian government to address their concerns, prosecutors have conditionally agreed to return to work. The LNBA reminds the government that the primary function of prosecutors is to carry out criminal prosecutions and conduct all civil suits to which the Republic of Liberia is a party. The LNBA calls on the government to quickly address the concerns of prosecutors to advert a repeat of the recent episode,” the LNBA press statement, signed by its National Secretary General, Cllr. Bornor M. Varmah, added.  

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