LNBA’s President-Elect Begins On Good Footing; Extends Olive Branch To Defeated Sides


Barely a week since his election as President of the Liberia National Bar Association, Cllr. Sylvester Rennie has extended an olive branch to all the sides that participated in the election, and called on all lawyers across the country to recalibrate and unite in making the bar second to none in the sub-region.

   Cllr. Rennie emphasized that the LNBA remains the common denominator for all lawyers and the single most important institution that needs to be upheld if lawyers are to wheel the respect they deserve in the Liberian society. He underscored that the LNBA remains the focal point, as he was elected to steer the affairs of the bar for only three years but the bar will continue to exist.

   He declared the LNBA open, and encouraged every lawyer to come on board with his/her idea, noting that the day-to-day affairs of the bar are not dictated by a single individual but the National Executive Council, in the absence of National Convention.

   The LNBA President-elect reminded his colleagues that campaign and election are over; as such, no lawyer should be left behind because their “team” was not elected. He lamented that there is no “team” at the level of the bar; if there is any then it is the LNBA itself, which represents the entire legal profession. “There is nothing like high-class or low-class lawyer; let’s all come together in moving the bar forward,” he noted.

    Cllr. Rennie, who got elected on the platform of integrity and innovative leadership, vowed to upgrade the standard of the bar and, at the same time, maintaining its integrity.

   He reassured the rebranding of the present LNBA library to meet the standard of other bars’ libraries in the sub-region, decentralizing the Continue Legal Education (CLE) Program and ensuring the continuation of the LNBA headquarter project.

   The LNBA President-elect maintained that they will strive for judicial independence—ensuring economic viability in respect to the Judicial Autonomy Act. He also underscored improving the relationship with the Supreme Court for the enhancement of an independent Judiciary, as well as constructive engagement with the government on issues involving the rule of law.

   Meanwhile, Cllr. Rennie has expressed thanks and appreciation to Team Rennie for spearheading his campaign to victory, as well as the LNBA’s Election Committee, headed by Cllr. Cyril Jones, for conducting a free, fair and transparent election. He pointed out that, as far as he is concerned, every lawyer voted for him, and so it is about time that all members of the profession rally their support in setting a new legacy and standard for the next leadership to come after them.

   He informed the Hot Pepper that a few days after the election, he called all those who contested for the LNBA presidency and extended an olive branch to them to join the bandwagon in making the activities of the bar a success.

   He vowed to set the pace for those who will want to contest the bar’s leadership after them, just as his predecessor, Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe, did.  

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