MOE Reinforces COVID-19 Restrictions In Schools

Flashback: Liberian students observing health protocols

The Ministry of Education is requesting all school administrators across Liberia to reinforce the national health protocols instituted by the Ministry of Health and National Public Health institute of Liberia (NPHIL), with immediate effect.

   The MOE mandate comes in the wake of an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country

   In a MOE press release, the ministry said, “Similarly, the ministry wishes to remind and admonish all students, parents, teachers, and the public to observe all the health protocols to avoid further spread of the deadly Corona virus disease in Liberia. The following health protocols are very essential for healthy and a  safe environment: Avoid or stop shaking hands, avoid or stop hugging, wear your masks in all places at all times, make sure to wash your hands regularly, avoid or stop sneezing among people, stay home when you are sick, school administrators must make sure that each student temperature is taken before being allowed in class or on campus, school administrators must make sure that the hand washing station or bucket is fully utilized, and social distancing must be observed fully at all times.

   “The safety of our students remains our paramount concern as it is highly beneficial to all of us as a people and nation.

    “Let this announcement claim the immediate attention of all school administrators, education stakeholders, students, parents, guardians, and the public.”

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