Musa Bility: “Cummings Is The Best Candidate”


The Chairman of the Liberty Party (LP), Musa Hassan Bility, has termed the Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) as the best candidate to lead, as he knows exactly where the country is coming from and, at the same time hopeful for a better future.

   Chairman Bility made the assertion at the program marking the welcome jamboree for Cummings, held at the headquarters of the Liberty Party on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

   He told Cummings and his ANC that, as a member of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) they do not need any permission to go there, and that they are welcome there anytime, especially so when they want to hold programs. According to him, their headquarters is spacious and they are prepared to accommodate any constituent party of the CPP at any time.

   “The ANC has proven to be very orderly, and that is the quality of leadership that Mr. Cummings brings to the discourse. You have continued to distinguish yourself as a member of the CPP and as one of only two candidates left in the CPP race. You are welcome to our party headquarters.

   “We welcome you with our whole heart; we welcome with the believe that the CPP will survive; and we welcome you with the believe that you are the best candidate—the best person for this country,” Chairman Bility proclaimed.

Musa Hassan Bility, Chairman, Liberty Party (LP)

    Making remarks, Cummings reaffirmed his commitment to making sure that the CPP collaboration works. “We are committed to making sure that the CPP works, but at the same time we will fight for the Liberian people; we will commit to making sure the system that has kept us down for the last 174 years be changed,” he stated.

    Cummings said too many Liberians are suffering, and the only way to stop the suffering is to change the system. He maintained that the system is fighting back, but noted that they will not be deterred until they ensure that they get Liberia working again.  

   The program was well-attended by officials and members of the ANC, as well as the segment of the LP that is wheeled by Chairman Bility. The other segment of the LP, wheeled by the Political Leader, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, was however absent.

  Political observers are of the opinion that Chairman Bility has clearly defined his position in the Cummings/Boakai candidacy, leaning on the side of the ANC, even though the Political Leader of his party appears to be showing soft spot for the Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer.

   They wondered how the Liberty Party would coordinate during the CPP convention, especially when the issue of bloc voting is endorsed.

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