Nancy Ross Findley Memorial School Appeals For Assistance

Othello Findley, one of the administrators of Nancy Ross Findley School, pose for a photo with students

An educator says the provision of quality education to the youthful population is key for the socio-economic development of the nation state.

   Othello E. Findley, Jr., one of the administrators of the Nancy Ross Findley Memorial Elementary and Junior High School, situated at 21st Street, Gibson Avenue, Fiamah, Sinkor, is of the belief that with an educated society Liberia will regain its lost status among the comity of nations.

   Findley uttered that the need to further improve the educational system caused the emergence of the Nancy Ross Findley Memorial Elementary & Junior High School, to assist government by continuously providing sustained and quality education, and inculcating moral virtues, to youthful people as they strive to withstand future challenges.

   According to him, the learning institution was established in 2004 in remembrance of his fallen mother, Nancy Ross Findley, an educator/dedicated Christian with a vision from God Almighty to run a school and ministry of the Gospel to win lost souls for Christ Jesus.

   Findley recalled that his fallen mother was a spiritual leader and caregiver who, alongside other concerned Liberian women during the heights of the civil crisis, visited former President Charles Taylor in Gbarnga, Bong County, and passionately prevailed upon him to end the war so that peace and stability can reign in the country.

   Still on educational matters, Findley, in an interview with the Hot Pepper, said the Nancy Ross Findley Memorial Elementary and Junior High School’s administration is buttressing government’s educational program to secure a brighter future for young people, with no subsidy from Ministry of Education (MOE), but is faced with challenges to smoothly operate.

   Against this backdrop, the Liberian educator is sending a SOS call to UNICEF, USAID, GoL and international organizations in education, among other philanthropists, to come to the aid of the school by donating educational materials such as textbooks, computers and help ensure the supply of electricity to enhance the learning atmosphere of the students.

   He also spoke of a plan to operate a modern computer lab for use by the students enrolled at Nancy Ross Findley Memorial School to put them on par with students at other learning institutions in the nation. “We are currently holding discussions with our partners-in-education to have the program actualized,” he disclosed.

   Findley was quick to add that the administration was contemplating erecting a clinic as an annex to the school to “provide health services, not only to our students, but the public in general.

   “Administration has already constructed a teachers’ lounge, a cafeteria and improved upon the school’s bathrooms,” Findley further disclosed, “In the not-too-distant future our school will be elevated to secondary level with branches across Liberia.”

   To date, Findley explained that the Nancy Ross Findley Memorial Elementary & Jr. High School is operating in full compliance with MOE’s prescribed guidelines and regulations governing the running of schools in the Republic of Liberia.

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