National Judicial Conference Begins Today

Temple of Justice

The Judiciary will today, June 7, 2021, kick off a week-long National Judicial Conference, under the theme, “The Law, Public Policy and Economy”. The conference will be held at the Ministerial Complex, Congo Town, from June 7—11, 2021.

      In a release, the Supreme Court said, “Part 1 of Rule 19 of the Revised Rules of the Supreme Court provides that the Supreme Court shall hold a National Judicial Conference at least once every year to discuss pertinent legal issues relative to the administration of justice and come up with practicable solutions that take cognizance of the dynamic and progressive nature of the law, the prevailing nature of the law and the prevailing needs and conditions of the society.”

   According to the judicial release, the last National Judicial Conference was held from March 8—10, 2010, during the tenure of the late Chief Justice, His Honor Johnnie N. Lewis, with the current Chief Justice, His Honor Francis S. Korkpor, Sr. serving as Conference Chairman. Due to financial constraints faced by the Judiciary over the years, it has been unable to hold the conference since then; therefore, the Supreme Court recognizes and appreciates the support provided by the Government of Liberia (GOL) toward the convening of this year’s National Judicial Conference.

   “Building on the achievements of the past National Judicial Conferences, the Honorable Supreme Court anticipates that this National Judicial Conference 2021 will similarly discuss issues which pose challenges and, to some extent, impact the Judiciary in the administration of Justice within the Republic of Liberia,” the release said.

    The release continued, “This year’s conference will focus on critical legal and public policy issues and their impact, be they positive or negative, on the economy of Liberia, taking into consideration the global dynamics and changes in our world today. Law, public policy and economics, to a large extent, are the nerve center of peace, security and prosperity in any nation. Laws crafted must be able to shape public policy and political decisions and by extension provide equitable economic freedom to all; hence, this year’s conference will also discuss the role of public policy in addressing societal issues confronting ordinary citizens.

   “The conference will allow the Judiciary to play a significant role in business climate reforms by examining and, where necessary, reforming rules and legal processes and procedures that will increase the confidence of potential investors and existing businesses, as well as improve the ease of doing business in Liberia.

   “Towards this end, it is anticipated that this National Judicial Conference will bring together Justices of the Supreme Court, judges, magistrates and lawyers as well as local and international participants with diverse professional backgrounds that encapsulate the broader spectrum of our society and the subject matters to be discussed.”

   According to the release, the Chief Justice and Associate Justices are also concerned about the public’s perception of the Judiciary bordering on allegations of ethical transgression; as such, the Supreme Court looks forward to opening hearty discussions that will yield practicable solutions for the reduction of public’s negative perception of the Judiciary and garner more positive perception that enhances public confidence in the judicial system.

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