National Muslim Youth Congress Endorses Rep. Fallah’s Senatorial Bid

Rep. Thomas P. Fallah endorsed by the NMYC

The National Muslim Youth Congress of Liberia (NMYC) has endorsed the senatorial candidacy of Representative Thomas Fallah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

   Speaking exclusively in an interview with an executive of the organization during the endorsement ceremony, held recently at the headquarters of the CDC, Vakuma Dukuly said their decision to support the senatorial candidacy of Representative Fallah is predicated upon the fact that he is development-oriented in the discharge of his leadership ability.

   According to Dukuly, following a series of meetings regarding who to support in the pending senatorial  election, slated for December 8, 2020, the entire membership and leadership of the National Muslim Youth Congress of Liberia conclusively agreed to support the senatorial bid of Representative Fallah based on  evidence of his development projects undertaken in Monsterrado County.  

   He said Monsterrado County needs someone who is development-oriented, and that is why the congress took the decision.

   Dukuly noted that Representative Fallah is a peaceful leader and a straight-forward person in regards to producing the needed results.

   He said his organization took the decision to challenge the CDC lawmaker to prove his development ability in the entire Monsterrado County as he did in district #5.

   When asked about the goal of the National Muslim Youth Congress of Liberia, he responded by saying that the congress’ aim and objective are to see Liberia gets better among nations.

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