NDC Congratulates Pres.-Elect Boakai And VP-Elect Koung; Wants Opposition To Secure Legislative Leadership


The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has sent a congratulatory message to the President-elect and Vice President-elect, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Jeremiah Kpan Koung, following the outcome of the November 14, 2023 presidential run-off election.

   The NDC, a member of the UP Rescue Alliance parties, in its congratulatory message applauded Liberians for the peaceful show-up during and after the 2023 elections, which it says suggests that the nation’s democracy is flourishing. The two-party coalition (the New Deal Movement and the Free Democratic Party—FDP) assured Liberians of the renewed commitment to the Rescue Mission to inclusively govern and restore the lost image and respect for the rule of law as a cornerstone for transparency and accountability in public governance.

   The NDC reminded Liberians and the President-elect of its uncompromising commitment to the promotion of good governance (jobs, rice and rights), a principle considered by the NDC as its political philosophy as a revolutionary doctrinaire political institution, whose concern is to, at all times, unconditionally stand on the side of the ordinary people (masses), irrespective of their status.

   “The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) recommends that the Unity Party and her alliance, on one hand, and the independent legislators and the political parties that pledged support during the run-off presidential election, on the other, be organized into a formidable bloc that will be able to secure leadership in both the upper and lower houses, respectively,” the NDC said in a press release.

 “This, the NDC believes, will not only be the channel for the successful implementation of the President-elect’s legislative agenda, but a bloc that will be a formidable force to secure the position of the President Pro-Tempore of the upper house and the positions of Speaker and Deputy Speaker in the lower house through organized negotiation and guarantee commitment in the spirit of accommodation and inclusiveness. The NDC realizes and recognizes that political governance is a herculean task in every country, especially countries emerging from bad governance and political instability like ours (Liberia) under the Weah-led administration,” the NDC release observed.

   The NDC then thanked all of Liberia’s democratic partners, including the U.S. government, EU, AU, ECOWAS, MRU, etc., for their continued support towards the development of the nation’s democracy.   

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