New MCSS Superintendent Promises Digital System


The Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) Superintendent, Isaac Saye Lakpoh Zawolo, has promised to digitize the operations of the institution.

   According to him, if this is done under his administration, it will help to monitor the activities of the MCSS.

   The newly inducted Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) has disclosed that all teachers in the school system will be required to do a full time job. Zawolo said no teacher will be required to do part-time teaching, and no more teaching two days a week.

   “No MCSS teacher will be allowed to sit home thinking that his or her name has been programmed in the system that takes salaries in their accounts at the end of each month. The same system that programs the computer can put a halt to the process,” Zawolo noted.

   “We are going to digitize our operation with the support of the Education Ministry, in order to have a more effective monitoring system,” he added.

   Zawolo further noted that all MCSS employees’ jobs are safe to the extent that he or she is willing to work. “I did not come here to take anybody’s job; rather, we will be positioning people in the right places where they can perform very well,” Zawolo explained.

   “I’m here to work, and together we can make it. We will take the right actions to make MCSS become a great school. I don’t want good schools, but great schools,” Zawolo pointed out.

   He also warned that teachers should focus on students passing, and not their failing. “The days of ‘teacher pepper’ are over; now is the time for ‘teacher grace’, ‘teacher mercy’, ‘teacher understanding’ and ‘teacher passing’,” Zawolo underscored.

   He also noted that now is the time for teachers to believe in education as a mission for the emancipation of the masses, and to be teachers who believe that when they educate the people they get a better and well informed society.

   “I have not come to destroy, but to build on a legacy left by a good, hard working and dedicate man, Mr. Adolphus Benjamin Jacobs,” the new MCSS boss pointed out.

   Zawolo, who holds a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from the University of Liberia, pointed out that nobody’s job at the MCSS is threatened, but what is needed is hard work and dedication.

   “We together can make MCSS great. If you look good, I will look good. If you work, I also work. Let’s commit ourselves to our work. As long as you’re working, we will be able to accomplish our aims and objectives,” he stated.

   Prior to his coming to this country, Zawolo was an Adjunct Professor at Northam Virginia Community College-Alexandra Campus, also an Adjunct Professor of mathematics at Montgomery College and Mathematics teacher at Arlington Public school, the United States of America.

   Zawolo was speaking Friday, December 15, 2021 during his inauguration as Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS).

   For his part, the out-going Superintendent of the MCSS, A. Benjamin Jacobs, noted, “It has been eight years and eight months on a roller costal highway. Sometimes not so smooth, but we navigated very well after those years. The moving train took off from the Ministry of Education to the MCSS, and now the train has left the station and is transitioning to another destination.”

   According to him, he would not hesitate any moment to praise all who supported him during the eight years eight months at the MCSS. “They stood by me and worked with me when we suffered eight years of strike actions,” he said.

   He noted that sometimes the strikes were good and bad, but according to him these strike actions helped him to do the work better. He extended thanks and appreciation to the Chairman of the Council and other members who stood by him all of those years.

   “MCSS family is made up of people from various backgrounds and different educational experience that team up to make their system better,” he said. According to him, this is not the first time Zawolo is taking over from him. According to him, Zawolo won an election that he took over from him as the Easterner Vice President for the Union of Liberian Association in the Americas (ULAA).”

   He emphasized that where he stopped Zawolo will take off there, and that he has no doubt in his mind that, Zawolo, the man he knows, will not do what he ought not to do.

   Making remarks at the occasion, Education Minister, D. Ansu Sonii, bade Jacobs farewell and congratulated him for an excellent job while at the MCSS. He promised to work with the incoming leadership, headed by Zawolo, for the improvement for the MCSS in particular and the educational system at large.

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