NRF: Most Innovative Institution Of The Year 2022

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Liberians from all walks of life have voted for the National Road Fund (NRF), headed by Bonafice D. Satu, as the Most Innovative Institution of the Year 2022 in a poll organized by the Global News Network (GNN Liberia). The NRF is said to have been preferred over other institutions based on its professional services and commitment to road connectivity through providing funds to the Ministry of Public Works.

    According to the results of the poll conducted by GNN, many of those spoken to said the NRF has extremely performed as required by law in financing the Ministry of Public Works for the rehabilitation of roads in Liberia. According to them, the NRF’s financial support to the ministry is remarkable; as such, they were pleased with the level of innovation brought to that entity by its Chief Executive Officer, Satu, and his team of administrators.  

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Road Fund (NRF) of Liberia, Bonafice D. Satu

   They commended Satu’s team for the numerous financial supports to the country’s road network, which they said is hugely giving a face to the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD). “As the year 2022 comes to close, and in order for them to be more motivated in performing their duties and creating means for more funding to the Public Works Ministry, we recommend that President George M. Weah appreciates the NRF and its management team,” they noted.

   They said they are of the opinion that, if the NRF is elevated to an autonomous agency, as is being craved for, the Weah administration could realize tremendous achievements in its strive to connect the entire country through sustainable road network.

   Also, GNN Liberia has emphasized that it was no mistake to award the NRF as the Most Innovative Institution of the Year 2022, as the road management body has proved to be the outstanding institution when it comes to ensuring the realization of President Weah’s vision of improving the country’s road network.

   The GNN Liberia team, headed by Joel Cholo Brooks, noted that, as it gathered details about people and institutions who made headways in the growth and development of Africa’s oldest independence nation in 2022, many of those spoken to graded the NRF for its outstanding performance; as such, they too could not relent but to give the prestigious award to the road management body of the country.

   The National Road Fund (NRF) office was set up in early 2017 after the National Legislature had enacted into law the National Road Fund Act on December 12, 2016. The entity has since been making strides to compare road fund ideas with prospering countries to put the Liberia office on par with those that have been contributing immensely to the economy of the countries.

    2022 was yet another prosperous year for the NRF, with the National Legislature introducing a bill to elevate the entity to an autonomous level in order to give it the necessary authority to generate more revenue for road connectivity.

CEO Satu and staff at the NRF Head Office
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